Classes Available


Puppy Class For Pups under 6 months

In this class new owners and puppies are guided very gently through various exercises. You are taught about correct equipment and its proper use and puppies are encouraged to socialise with other puppies and handlers. Early socialisation is all-important to the future development of your dog. This class also introduces basic obedience work that includes teaching puppy to walk on a lead, sit, stand, some turns and to come when called on lead, known as the recall.


Class 1 - Puppies and Dogs over 6 months

Class One is usually divided into three main areas:

Puppies over 6 months from the Puppy Class

New Puppies over 6 months

New older dogs

Socialisation is still a key factor even for an older dog that may have missed out on being socialised as a puppy and their basic obedience work is similar to the work that is done in Puppy Class. Beginners runs for approximately 8-9 weeks and at the end of that time you are ready for the Beginners Certificate. The dog will be required to receive 3 ticks for the class plan exercises. You need to show that your dog is capable of doing an exercise a number of times.


Class 2

Once you have achieved your Beginners Certificate it's time to get a little more serious about obedience work. The work you began in Beginners will be extended even further. It is up to you to practice during the week. This will ensure that you keep pace with the class. Again, this class runs for approximately 8-9 weeks. Those who are successful move on to Graduate.


Class 3

By now most members will have started 'off lead' work and you will be really testing the teamwork between you and your dog. The Sit and Down Stays will be longer and you may even be considering Obedience Trials. Keep in mind, not all breeds learn at the same pace, but if your work is consistent, most dogs are capable of achieving the same results. Those who are successful move on to other classes that are available.


Class 4

Class conducted by an obedience judge. Held on Monday evenings for those members, who wish to learn the skills necessary to compete in Obedience Trialling. You will have passed Class 3 and would enjoy developing your dog training skills even more. Lots of support from other competing members.


Rally Obedience

The chief objective of Rally is to provide a fast-moving and motivational sport for both Handler and dog that demonstrates a Handler and dog's competency in basic Obedience exercises without requiring exact precision for success. Dogs in Rally events should demonstrate willingness and enjoyment. To that end, Handlers may use praise, encouragement and patting throughout the Rally course.



Fun activity that both you and your dog can enjoy. Agility is a dog sport where your dog negotiates obstacles on a course including jumps, tunnels and an A-frame. Your dog must be at least 12 months of age, controllable off lead and you must seek written permission from your Class Instructor before you can enter this class.


Social Class

Our social class enjoys the companionship of fellow class members without taking on the more serious training. You are still required to do some obedience work as well as some fun activities for you and your dog.

For members and dogs who for various reasons are not able to continue past Class 2. This class enables socialisation, companionship and fun. Less serious obedience / agility activities.