A Brief History Of Geelong Obedience Dog Club Inc - Established 1954
Geelong German Shepherd Dog Club was originally formed by a handful of German Shepherd owners to publicise and promote the qualities of the German Shepherd breed. Training commenced in vacant paddocks and within a month Ford Motor Company gave permission to train on their land opposite the plant in Norlane. Meetings at the time were held in the Gama Theatre. In later years the widening of the Princes Highway into four lanes and the increased traffic volume made further training on the grounds hazardous and new grounds were sought. A sight in Belmont was obtained.
28th March, 1955 Club first affiliated with the K.C.C.
3rd march, 1956 First Open Parade held. Obedience exhibition given by dogs from Victorian German Shepherd Dog Club.
At the Annual General Meeting three trainers elected for the following year.
First trial was held. Afternoon tea 1/- per head, Judges free. 24th March 1959 Voted to obtain C.D. medals for registered dogs.
9th August 100th Meeting. At this meeting it was moved “……to take in other breeds at training, that we do this and that they be known as Training Members with no Shepherd Club members’ privileges other than social functions. The fee to be f1.1.0 per year”
The first Lady trainer was elected.
4th November, 1969. It was moved “separate training classes be held for large and small dogs.”
7th April, 1970. Lease granted for approximately 31/2 acres on Belmont Common (our current ground). 3rd May, 1970. First training session held on this land. 17th September, 1970. 50 Pine trees planted @ cost of 0.7c each. 100 more pine trees @ 0.5c each and 100 gums @ 0.15c each ordered. Collection from members to purchase these.
Trees lost by floods were replaced and an application for Flood Relief from the Government brought $69.00. 8th February, 1971 Official Opening of grounds performed by Mr. A. Laidler representing the K.C.C. July 197 it was passed at the A.G.M. to change name of Geelong German Shepherd Club to Geelong German Shepherd & Obedience Dog Club.
Clubhouse, built by members labour alone, was opened by Mr. H. Birrell. MLA. supported by Riding Councilors.
27th February, 1977. First unregistered trial for Geelong.
Veranda apron and roofing completed and ground extensions undertaken.
Extensions to clubhouse completed. Official Opening April 1979 by Mr. Kinsman, K.C.C.

After much conflict with K.C.C. where many obedience clubs were disaffiliated (including Geelong) an Associate Register was installed by the K.C.C., to allow Associate dogs to compete at same trial, but in separate rings.

24th August, 1980. First Official Associate Dog Trial. Club has first G.D. awarded, and same recipient went on to become first G.D.X. & P.D. in the state.

23rd November, 1980. Club’s Silver Anniversary

3rd March, 1981. Water reticulation system installed.

17th April, 1982. First Geelong Open & Associate Trial held.

1st June, 1982. Club Library established.

July, 1982. Geelong member became first in Victoria to be awarded Dual Champion titles - Aust. Ch. & A.O.C.

September 1982. In the interest of all disabled people the Club wrote to K.C.C. re. refusal of judge to make allowances in obedience ring for member with disability.


First edition of our existing Newsletter underway.

18th August, 1984. Two burglaries within 48 hours - almost complete clean out even kitchenware, foodstuffs and chairs. Est. value $4000.00.

12th December, 1984. 30th Anniversary of Club celebrated with Obedience Trial and Dinner Dance at clubrooms.

14th December, 1984. Mini tornado bent roof trusses, blew roof across road and damaged brickwork and internal fittings. Est. damage $15,000. Offers of assistance, even from charitable organizations were indicative of respect for our Club in the community; and buy a brick was established to assist the rebuilding funds.


January, 1985. Rebuilding commenced. Sufficient progress made to hold our April Trial.

24th June, 1985. Geelong German Shepherd & Obedience Dog Club became an Incorporated body. Floodlight installed over chain ring to facilitate night trial training.

1st December, 1984. Invitations were extended to Councilors, By-Laws Officers and their respective partners to attend December Trial to show them what responsible dog owners are about and how we help to educate the general public.

3rd June, 1986. The Club was a leader in the field of Agility. First Obedience Club to construct equipment and commence instruction. 31st August, 1986. At special convened meeting of members it was decided, that in keeping with current membership and community needs, the name should be changed from Geelong German Shepherd & Obedience Dog Club Inc. to Geelong Obedience Dog Club Inc.
13th September, 1987. G.O.D.C. hosted first Agility Trial. A member was equal first on that day, and on 23rd April, 1988 equal first to obtain A.D. Title in the state.
Public Awareness Meeting, one of many conducted by the club to engender better attitude in the community by promoting responsible dog ownership.
Storeroom extended and internal access to toilets provided. Yet another insurance claim for flood damage. Floods occur frequently so heavy electrical equipment is fitted with pulleys for raising above past flood levels. Highest flood was recorded at 1.5 meters in 1974
Joint project with Leopold Lions Club. Each contributing $750.00 to purchase a Hearing Dog from training school in Adelaide. Recipient was a local lady who is both hearing and speech disadvantaged. Two of our instructors assisted integration for three months and remain on call. Other community projects include visits to nursing homes and selecting and donating resident dogs.
Hearing Dog accredited and transferred to recipient at Dinner and Ceremony at Leopold Lions Club. Access to Clubrooms provided for disabled. Grounds extended to include additional land leased from South Barwon Council. Bathurst Burr removed, area fenced, sown down and prepared for trial rings. Sprinkler system and shop extension completed.
19th February, 1992. Special Community Awareness evening to express concern about some aspects of proposed Companion Animal Bill and the effect on Obedience Clubs. Meeting attended by V.C.A. representative, politicians, councilors, reporter and members of the public. Our Club secretary represented us on the V.C.A. sub-committee with regards to this Act and was official minute secretary for that Committee.

As at 1st June, 1993. registered and associate dogs (A.N.K.C. ruling) permitted to compete in same ring, a policy which has been strongly supported by our club for many years. In earlier years the G.O.D.C. had been disaffiliated because of this attitude. At our subsequent trial on the 18th July, 1993, all dogs competed as equals.

3rd October, 1993. G.O.D.C. members participated in the Geelong Dog Walk to promote World Animal Day a to raise money for the Geelong Animal Welfare Society.

From humble beginnings as a small breed club, training in a vacant lot opposite Ford Motor Company we have progressed to become one of the best and most respected Obedience Clubs in Victoria. Our facilities and grounds are well known and we are a progressive and financially secure club. We have the respect of councils and the community for our attitudes and involvement in community affairs. We have survived two name changes and still retain some of our original members, including our previous President, Mr. Fred Lehrmann. Success does not come easily. It is the result of a close knit community working together for a common goal.


Compiled by Phyl Bergin & Elaine Longshaw