Membership Fees

Information for first time members is available by clicking here.

Membership and Joining Fee
The Club's membership financial year is from the 1st July to 30th June.
All membership fees and the Insurance levy must be paid in full prior to Induction Days.
There is no Weekly Training Fee.
Memberships are valid until 30 June each year when you will be required to renew your membership. The cost to renew will be the relevant Membership Fee, Insurance Levy and Grounds Levy. A current Vaccination Certificate must be sighted each time you renew your membership.
Application for new memberships available by contacting the Membership Officer by email or coming to the office on a Sunday morning.
Closing dates for new member intake will be the Monday before induction day (dates in club calendar or here)
Junior Members (Under 18) - Require a parent or guardian to sign their membership form. If you are a VCA Member please deduct the Insurance Levy from Membership Fees.
We accept CASH, CHEQUE, DIRECT DEPOSIT into our bank account or EFTPOS / CREDIT CARD facilities.