Training You To Train Your Dog

Puppy Class
Basic Obedience
Agility Trial Training
Obedience Trial Training
Fun Days
Social Activities

Your dog does not need to be a puppy to begin obedience lessons, older dogs have much to gain from attending classes too.

Training each Sunday morning, rain, hail or shine, except for Public Holiday Weekends.

Weekday Office Hours

Sunday 9.00am - 11.00am

All new members are required to call into the office prior to the Sunday they commence training to complete their membership. A current vaccination certificate for your dog is required.

Membership And Joining Fee

Memberships are valid until 30 June each year when you will be required to renew your membership. The cost to renew will be the relevant Membership Fee, Insurance Levy and Grounds Levy. A current Vaccination Certificate must be sighted each time you renew your membership.

Junior Members (Under 18) - Require a parent or guardian to sign their membership form.

If you are a VCA Member please deduct the Insurance Levy from Membership Fees.