Understand Your Dog

Left to themselves dogs show an incredible capacity for learning. Too bad that most of this learning is not to our advantage. Training channels the dog’s energy.


taken from the GSD Club of Australia Manual

  1. Always make the dog feel that he is your companion and friend.

  2. He does not possess a human mind, can not reason and comprehend language.

  3. A close relationship between master and dog will lead to harmonious living.

  4. Dogs vary in their attitude to us, in willingness to learn and adapt.

  5. You should recognise the talents of your dog, develop and mould them.

  6. The dog is learning only by memorising his past experiences.

  7. Never lose your self-control, instead show love and understanding.

  8. The dog is a trotter and needs plenty of exercise for his well being.

  9. Praise or correction at the right time will lead to final success.

  10. Senselessly hitting your dog is useless and unworthy of a dog lover, but too much pampering would make him lose his respect for you.

How Do Dogs Learn?

Dogs learn from experience. If an experience is rewarding to the dog it repeats it, if it is stressful, frightening or painful, dogs avoid repeating that experience. In training, we should try to make it fun for the dog so active participation by the handler, using fair and consistent training methods, is necessary.

All dogs, regardless of size, have certain needs. They need a firm and fair leader who will provide for them, play with them, train them, groom them and generally make them part of the family; always remembering this is a DOG, not a human in a furry coat. Join our library or go to the local one and read about dogs and their behavior. You are the driver now and must know how a dog thinks to get the best results from your training. Whoever trains the dog becomes the dog’s pack leader.

What Is Training?

At Geelong Obedience Club we train YOU how to train your dog. Training is teaching the dog to respond to certain sounds or signals, “Cues” for certain actions. Dogs react to voice tones NOT words. MODERN TRAINING METHODS use ASSOCIATION and MOTIVATION. Show, tell, and do, with praise for honest effort.

The Secret of Happy Training

We show the dog what we want him to do and praise when in the correct position.

We induce him to do the action and praise him.

We induce him to repeat the action, with mild compulsion and praise.

We practice and praise every time the dog assumes the right position.