Annual General Meeting Minutes 6th October 2015

Meeting opened 8.10pm

Apologies: C. Humphries, D. Dickinson, V. Douglas, R. Kearney, L. Kelleher, V. Bridges, L. Hotchin
Accepted: T. Gavaghan Seconded: J. Taylor In Favour: Carried
Business arising from the Minutes:
Accepted: K. Taylor Seconded: H. Miller In Favour: Carried
President′s report - Attached
Treasurer′s report - Attached
- K. Taylor read financial report.
- Carole Sparks asked how many life members still train a dog.
- T. Button informed the meeting that there were 11.
Accept Financial Report as read:
Accepted: J. Taylor Seconded: B. Petras In Favour: Carried
1st Vice President’s Report:
Heather thanked Wendy Ganly, the Training Supervisor as well as the two assistant training supervisors – Helen Read and Tina Button. She also thanked the instructors for their efforts. She reported that the one-day workshop for instructors held at the Club was very successful. Finally, she thanked the members as well.
2nd Vice President’s Report:
Brendan reported that he was still working on the painting of the Club rooms. He also pointed out that the photos had been removed from the wall as he had used the wrong glue and they were falling down. Finally he said that the computers have been networked, they now had internet access and in the very near future we would have the Paypal system in operation.
Secretary’s Report:
Christine said that after 3 years in the position she was now retiring from the job.
Shop Manager Report:
No Report
Canteen Manager Report:
As Attached
Trial Secretary Report:
Tina Button - As Attached
Carole Sparkes - As Attached
Grounds Manager Report:
As Attached
Accepted: Maureen Hateley Seconded: Trish Gavaghan In Favour: Unanimous
Life Membership:
The President announced that the Life Member for 2015 was Brendan Jagtenberg.
Introduce the Returning Officer
It was announced that Lynn Klecka, the returning officer, was absent ill. After calling for nominations from the floor, Tina Button was announced as the returning officer. Nick Iannelli and Alex Shackleton were announced as the scrutineers.
Motion on the books in relation to increasing the Club fees:
“That membership fees be increased in line with the form attached.”
Moved: K. Taylor Seconded: N. Tunnicliffe 
Discussion arising from the Motion:
Kathy Taylor spoke in favour of the Motion.
Maureen Hateley queried whether the three sections of the Motion would be addressed at the same time or whether each would be dealt with individually.
“That the increase in Club fees would be for the members only and that items B and C be disregarded.”
Moved: J. Convery Seconded: M. Hately In Favour: Unanimous
Discussion Arising from the Amendment to the Motion:
Peter Dessent said that it was unfair that some people train more than one dog in a class at the same cost.
Alex Shackleton questioned Peter Dessent about whether he agreed with the increase of general members fees.
Christine Jagtenberg indicated that as a life member she was happy to pay a fee to train her dog.
FOR: 18 AGAINST: 7 In Favour: Carried
All positions were declared vacant.
Tina announced the following positions:
President: 1 nomination Bob Tunnicliffe Duly elected
1st Vice President: 1 nomination Heather Miller Duly elected
2nd Vice President: Nominations called for from the floor.
John Taylor
Nominated by: N. Tunnicliffe Seconded: C Jagtenberg
Duly elected
Treasurer: 1 nomination Kathy Taylor Duly elected
Secretary: 1 nomination Justine Steele Duly elected
Trial Secretary: 1 nomination Tina Button Duly elected
Canteen Manager: 1 nomination Nanette Tunnicliffe Duly elected
Equipment Manager: Nominations called for from the floor.
Sue Rowe
Nominated by: J. Convery Seconded: S. Hallsworth
Duly elected
Grounds Manager: 1 nomination Victor Douglas Duly elected
Shop Manager: 1 nomination Sam Hallsworth Duly elected
Social/Fundraising: 1 nomination Carolyn Walters Duly elected
Hall Manager: 1 nomination Wendy Eck Duly Elected
Training Supervisor: 1 nomination T. Button – withdrew her nomination.
Memberships Officer: 1 nomination Christine Jagtenberg Duly elected
Minutes Officer: 1 nomination Nanette Tunnicliffe Duly elected
Librarian: 1 nomination Robyn Youl Duly elected
Assistant Librarian: 1 nomination Diane Armistead Duly Elected
Newsletter Editor: No nomination.
Web Master: 1 nomination Brendan Jagtenberg Duly elected.
Tina thanked the scrutineers.
Meeting Closed: 9.15pm