General Meeting Minutes 4th August 2009

Meeting opened 8pm

Apologies: Leonie Kelleher, Simmon Hellebrand , Elaine Longshaw, Fred Lehmann
Accepted: Glenys Murray seconded: Judy Wong

Minutes from previous General Meeting as distributed
Accepted: Colin Humphries Seconded: John Shields

Business Arising from Minutes

  1. Celebration morning tea will be held on Sunday at 10am

  2. Photo album is back in library.

  3. Purchase of Library books complete only waiting on 1 more to arrive from USA

  4. Communication between Instructors and Committee

Correspondence Inward:

  1. Western Heights College

  2. Letter from Trish Gavaghan

Correspondence outwards

  1. Invitations to Life Members for Morning tea

Business Arising from Correspondence

Moved to General Business

Treasurers Report period 17/7/09 to 4/8/09

Business arising from Treasurer’s Report NIL
Accepted: Jim Ball Seconded: Glenys Murray

Canteen Manager written report
Grounds Manager written report
Shop Manager Nil
Training Supervisor written report

Sub Committee reports

Instructors Meeting No report
Accepted: Desma Dickeson Seconded: Kath Devlin

General Business

  1. Off Lead Area
  2. Cheapest Quote for Off Lead Area is for a post and rail and wire fence, plans submitted cost $8,400.00

  3. There was discussion regarding the insurance cover, when in use and who is responsible or liable.

  4. Insurance covers it on normal Club days as per training. Jim reiterated that this off lead area was a project from previous committee and has been ongoing ever since.

  5. Concerns were expressed about policing of use i.e. will someone be on duty to make sure pets are controlled. Club will have signage and dogs are not to be let into area unattended. Encouraging responsible pet ownership within the Club and community. Instructors will incorporate it in part of their training sessions and emphasize owner responsibility.

  6. Jim Ball moved that we accept quote from Michael Hart of $8,400.00 and get construction underway.

  7. Moved: Jim Ball seconded: Desma Dickeson carried

  8. Western Heights are holding a school exercise called the great race on the 14th to 16th September 2009. They have written and requested to use our grounds and some of our dogs as part of this event; their request is to have students guide a dog through an obstacle course.

  9. Jim Ball moved that we approve this request and assist the school with this exercise.

  10. Moved: Jim Ball seconded: Desma Dickeson Carried

  11. Craig Murray Seminar

  12. Seminar is booked for 10th and 11th October 2009 any money raised from this will go towards the Off Lead area.

  13. We will need 10 dogs with issues to be used on Sunday.

  14. Trivia Night

  15. A trivia night has been organized for the 2nd October2009 to be held at the club rooms, we ask that members get a table together and support this night.

  16. Letter from Trish Gavaghan

  17. Trish wrote to the Club asking that we support our Members who are competing in NADAC comps by offering an end of year trophy as we do with those competing in VCA Agility comps.

  18. Tina explained that at the moment the award system only encompasses VCA agility competitors.

  19. General discussion took place. A Committee recommendation was read that the Club gives two trophies at end of year one for VCA and one for NADAC achievements. The NADAC trophy is commencing in 2010.

  20. Jim Ball moved that we accept Committee’s recommendation

  21. Moved: Jim Ball seconded: Wendy Mitchell carried 17 for 5 against

  22. The Obedience Trial had some really positive feedback this year and we look forward to holding more successful Trial nest year. If anyone has suggestions for Judges in future please put names forward to Committee.

  23. David Gravolin spoke about the current trialling of 3 obedience sessions. His concerns are that the sessions are not meshing with the agility times. He is having problems getting Instructors to cover the third session. Discussion occurred. Committee feels that the Instructors are not supporting the 3 sessions actively, to which D. Dickeson and C. Humphries admitted. Colin asked that it be taken back to Instructors Meeting to get their feelings on it. Tina asked that it be discussed by Instructors and the outcome to be addressed to AGM.

  24. Colin Humphries enquired when the follow up mediation meeting is going to be. Tina has given Frank Valastro 2 possible dates and is waiting on his reply for confirmation.

  25. Pam Convery asked if a chair person for Life Membership nominations has been appointed. Tina explained that until we receive a nomination there is no need to appoint anyone.

    Tina Button thanked the present Committee for their support and hard work this term.

    Meeting closed 9.32pm