Duties of the Secretary:

Know and uphold the Constitution and Notice of Motion Book.

Keep all Club records up-to-date and accurate.

Check vaccination cards.

Organise Club Calendar dates. Suggested start and finish dates to October’s Instructor’s Meeting to be confirmed.

Deal with all correspondence and keep accurate file of In and Out going. Records to be kept for 5 years in appropriate files. Change current file to 5-year file on 1 July each year.

Liaison with all Club departments and keep them informed of Club business.

Answer telephone enquiries and inform new Members.

Keep stock of stationary (VCA, Trial, Awards and General).

Organise Club Awards and Titles gained. Keep record of Trial Results for end of year awards.

Organise Membership Cards to Life Members at beginning of new Financial Year.

Give notice of AGM and arrange for Returning Officer and Scrutineers.

Follow up on items dealt with at Meetings, which require further action.

Organise weekly announcement sheet for Classes.

Notify Incorporation Commission and VCA of any changes to the Constitution and submit Financial Statements, Auditors Report, New Committee, AGM minutes, etc to the VCA.

Organise user numbers for the Security System.

When flooded organise workers and alternative grounds if necessary, also newspaper notices if required.

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