With Promotion Day looming I thought it might be time to remind you of another option for you and your dog after gaining your Class 2 certificate. You will have seen the Agility Classes in action and maybe might feel that you and your dog would like to join us.

Any fit, healthy dog that is under control and is sociable enough to work alongside other dogs is welcome to join Level 1 Agility which is our Foundation Class. At this level you will work on building confidence in your dog, building a team relationship with your dog, work on balance and coordination skills, and learn many of the directional skills you will need in agility. If you are interested, please come and talk to any of the Agility Instructors who will be happy to give you any information you need.

We are fortunate at GODC to have many Agility resources available to us through the Club's Library. As well as the "Agility In Motion" series of DVDs, the Club also subscribes to "Clean Run" magazine which always has something to interest and help the Agility student.

As Instructors we are always urging Class Members to play with their dogs but very often get told that, "My dog won't play with toys." In the May, 2009 issue of "Clean Run" there is a very good article on rehabilitating the play-deprived dog. Find out what you should and should not do, and how to create the desire to play. Playing with your dog is fun for both of you, helps build the bond between you both and is a great tool to use in Agility training.

In the same issue there is also an article on 'Socialising Your New Puppy' which is also really worth reading.

Trish Gavaghan