To All Members

As a result of our General meeting in November 2009 a proposal to change the class structures to all class levels was passed. The reason for change was as a result of surveys and feedback from you the members. This new structure will commence on the 25th July ( the week after promotion day).

So what are the changes?

A week by week schedule for all classes. All class levels will be teaching the same exercises weekly. This allows easy transition for instructors who need to fill in for a class and for members who may be absent can easily catch up

Removal of promotion day. Handlers will need to demonstrate that the exercise can be performed successfully in class time. You will need to demonstrate each required exercise 3 times within the 9 week period. Therefore at the end of the 9 weeks if all exercises are competent then the handler is promoted. The 10th Week will be a Fun day

A Class fun day will replace the promotion day. Certificates and ribbons will also be handed out on this day.

Handlers who are not successful in the 9 week period then they are placed in a revision class as you have been in the past

Classes will be more interactive with you and your instructor.

Certain exercises have been reviewed and modified with the inclusion of new exercises.


This is a major change to the club and instructors. There may be some transition problems but our instructors will be feeding back to the Training Supervisor if some of the changes need to be reviewed. So we ask all members to be supportive during this time.