NADAC Agility

The North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) was formed in USA in 1993 and was established in Australia in 2001 when its founder, Sharon Nelson, brought it to Victoria.

Although still a relatively small organization, NADAC Australian Division has much to offer its members. Like its parent body it was formed to provide dogs and their owners with a fast, safe and enjoyable form of the sport of dog agility.

With separate class divisions for Veterans (dogs and handlers) and Junior Handlers, and a variety of games, NADAC offers something for everyone. As well as the traditional classes such as Regular Agility and Jumpers, NADAC also offers the following range of specialized skill classes:

Tunnelers – The whole course is made up of tunnels

Weavers - The course is made up of weave poles and tunnels

Touch ‘n Go – The course is made up of contact equipment and tunnels

Hoopers - The whole course is made up of hoops

Chances - The course involves directional and obstacle discrimination challenges carried out from a distance. Difficult, but what a buzz when you are successful!

Dogs are grouped according to their jump height and these heights range from 4” – 20”, with handlers having the option of dropping a height lower if they choose.

NADAC agility trials are held in a number of places accessible to Geelong handlers so there are lots of opportunities to compete and build up your dogs’ titles, or just to compete for the sheer joy of running around a course in partnership with your dog.

There are over seventy titles and awards to be gained as you work your way through Novice, Open and Elite levels, so plenty of incentive to keep striving to improve your skills and your teamwork with your dog.

In November each year NADAC Australia holds its Championships over three days and members have the chance to compete against their peers for the prized rosettes and, more often than not, to be judged by a NADAC judge from USA or Canada.

For more information on NADAC Australia, its calendar of trial schedules and how you can join, you can visit the website at

Agility is great fun for you and your dog and we are fortunate in Victoria to be able to choose either or both agility organisations in which to compete.